Former bishop provides some intriguing testimony

Cornwall Standard Freeholder 16 August 2008 Posted By CLAUDE MCINTOSH Eugene LaRocque, former bishop of Cornwall-Alexandria Diocese, looked anything but comfortable during his first four days on the witness stand at the Cornwall Public Inquiry. It was anything but a … Continue reading

On-the-job training

DESPITE BOYISH LOOKS AND RELATIVE INEXPERIENCE, DALLAS LEE WAS AN INQUIRY ICON Cornwall Standard Freeholder 03 February 2009 Posted By TREVOR PRITCHARD Dallas Lee is in the middle of recounting his past three years at the Cornwall Public Inquiry when … Continue reading

Ostler: Father Gary Ostler

Gary Ostler. Roman Catholic priest.  Ordained 1972 for Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario.  Brother of Father David Ostler. Reports that Father Gary Ostler was seen at probation officer Ken Seguin‘s waterfront home, and/or lawyer and former Crown Malcolm MacDonald‘s cottage . … Continue reading

Stone: Father Carl Stone

Father Carl Stone [The following information is  was drawn from information on hand or researched several years and documents entered into evidence at the Cornwall Public Inquiry..  The gaps in entries indicate that I currently have no information on those … Continue reading

Lapierre: Father Paul Lapierre

(Most of the following information came from Father Lapierre’s 07 September 2001testimony at his Project Truth sex abuse trial. The small parts which were not part of his testimony were attained from the Catholic Directory of Canada. Father Lapierre received … Continue reading