Points to Ponder

Points to Ponder A. Justice Glaude‘s salary: 2003 Salary $205,782.42; taxable benefits $3,327.03 2004 Salary $254,500.80; taxable benefits $1,400.36 Questions: 1. What is Justice Glaude’s salary as judge for the inquiry? 2. How much tax payer’s monies are being expended … Continue reading

Glaude: Justice Normand Glaude

The Commissioner at the Cornwall Public Inquiry Justice Normand Glaude In some quarters reaction was prompt to news that Justice Glaude refused to address concerns about his Cornwall connections until the Cornwall Public Inquiry launched. The following letter was dispatched … Continue reading

Backgrounder (Appendix C to CJC complaint)

[This backgrounder is Appendix C to a complaint filed with the Canadian Judicial Council regarding the conduct of Justices James Chadwick and Colin McKinnon at the Project Truth sex abuse trial of Cornwall lawyer and Church canon lawyer Jacques Leduc … Continue reading

Perry Dunlop’s “Story” – Part 2

Perry Dunlop “Story” Perry Dunlop’s Will State PART 2 (pp 29 – 56) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 WILL STATE – Constable Perry Dunlop Cornwall Police Service                                               April 7, 2000 Where are these tapes now? … Continue reading

Johnson: Don Johnson

Don Johnson   Don Johnson was called to the Ontario bar 22 March 1968.   He served first as acting  Crown attorney and then Crown attorney in Cornwall Ontario from 1972 – 1991.  He now works as a defence lawyer .  Don … Continue reading

On-the-job training

DESPITE BOYISH LOOKS AND RELATIVE INEXPERIENCE, DALLAS LEE WAS AN INQUIRY ICON Cornwall Standard Freeholder 03 February 2009 Posted By TREVOR PRITCHARD Dallas Lee is in the middle of recounting his past three years at the Cornwall Public Inquiry when … Continue reading