‘I was under his control’

Former bishop says Deslauriers was a ‘master manipulator’ Cornwall Standard Freeholder 30 July 2008 Posted By Trevor Pritchard A Catholic priest convicted in 1986 of sexually abusing four young men was a “master manipulator,” his former bishop told the Cornwall … Continue reading

Accused priest ends posting in Hull church

The Ottawa Citizen 30 May 1986 Jacquie Miller and Anne McIlroy Citizen Staff writers The Catholic priest a Cornwall family said sexually molested their son has left a Hull parish and entered a religious retreat. Officials at the Gatineau-Hull diocese … Continue reading

Brisson: Benoit Brisson

Benoit Brisson Ben Brisson Benoit Brisson was sexually molested by Father Gilles Deslaurier, a Roman Catholic priest in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario.   Deslaurier was the Roman Catholic priest who married Ben in 1984.  The marriage dissolved after two years, … Continue reading

Lussier: Father Lucien Lussier

Lucien Lussier Roman Catholic priest in Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario.  Sexual abuse allegations from Gareth Smith and G.R.  Charged.  Charges stayed.  Represented by ex-Crown attorney Don Johnson.  American citizen.  I believe he was born in Fall River MA (have found sibling … Continue reading

Storm-Tossed House. . .

Pending Arrest Of Pedophiles Expected To Implicate Bishop [The Wanderer, 17 August 2000] By Paul Likoudis CORNWALL, Ont. – The pending arrest (slated for August 9) of former Justice of the Peace Keith Jodoin by officers of the Project Truth … Continue reading

The Poignant Voice of a Victim

Victim Impact Statement André R. Lavoie October 1998 [Andre was sexually abused by Roman Catholic High School teacher Robert Sabourin.  Sabourin was a friend of Bishop Adolphe Proulx and photographer for the Diocese of Alexandria Cornwall)] [theinquiry.ca note: portions of … Continue reading

Hickerson: Richard Hickerson

Richard Francis Hickerson Ex- Priest. My information on Richard Hickerson the priest is sketchy and, as you will see, at times a little confusing and/or intriguing.  The following will be updated as I get more information and if and when some … Continue reading