Cameron: Father Bernard Cameron

Father Bernard Cameron is a Roman Catholic priest, Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario.  Ordained 1958.  Sex abuse allegations by Ron Leroux.Allegations that he was seen at the home of probation officer Ken Seguin and cottage of former Crown attorney Malcolm MacDonald

Father Cameron Sues

Father Bernard Cameron was one one of six priests from the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall who, along with Bishop Eugene Larocque, in the Fall of 2000 initiated legal action  against 8 persons or businesses.  The lawsuit did not proceed to discovery never mind trial.See the Statement of Claim and further details regarding the lawsuit here:

The Lawsuit

Born and raised in St. Andrew’s West1956:  ORDAINED

Bachelor of Theology

1967: Diocesan Vocations Committee (with Monsignor Cyrille R. Contant, Fathers Thomas Villeneuve and Lucien Lussier, and Chairman Bishop Joseph Aurele Plourde)

1974-1998:  St. Finnan’s Cathedral, Alexandria, Ontario

1988:  Rector at St. Finnan’s Cathedral, Alexandria, Ontario

1991:  appointed Spiritual Director for diocesan Catholic Women’s League

1999, 2000:  Pastor. St. Anthony in Apple Hill, Ontario with mission in Saint Michael in Monkland

2002 –   Pastor St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church, St. Andrew’s West

Priest comes full circle in St. Andrews

Cornwall Standard Freeholder
02 June 2008


A half century of the priesthood has come full circle for Rev. Bernard Cameron.

Fifty years to the day that he said his first mass Sunday, June 1, 1958, the village native was at the pulpit Sunday rejoicing in the occasion with his St. Andrews West parish.

“The weather was exactly the same today as it was 50 years ago,” he joked after the service. “It was cloudy and humid. My ancestors came here in 1884, I went to school here across the road, I was a former altar boy here at the church.

“I’ve made it full circle and come right back.”

During his mass Sunday, Cameron encouraged his congregation not to lose hope, even if things seem difficult. Likening it to a boat tossed in stormy waters, the priest said Jesus Christ is always there in times of trouble or sadness.

“Be still and know that I am God,” he said, reciting Psalm 46:10.

In particular, he later chatted about how the passing of Rev. Gary Ostler this past week has shocked and saddened the community.

“I used to visit him on Mondays to have lunch,” he said. “He was a good cook, and always had a lot to talk about.

“His death still hasn’t sunk in yet, even to me.”

“It shows that when times are tough, Christ is still there.” said Cameron. “He quiets the waters and the boats.

“Be still and don’t worry. We always survive and we get through.”

For his own part, Cameron, now 75, isn’t planning on retiring anytime soon.

“I’m here as long as my health is good,” he stated.

He decided upon the vocation mostly due to the example of older priests.

“The preaching of the gospel in those days was so direct,” said Cameron. “It was the good news of the gospel as the older generation would say.

“Vocation comes from the home and community, and today we don’t have it.”