Wilson: Ron WIlson

Former member of Cornwall Police Service – on staff when the scandal erupted.  According to lawyer and former Crown attonrey Malcolm MacDonald the two were good friends.    Alleged to have ties to other of Cornwall’s alleged sexual molesters.

According testimony at the Cornwall Public Inquiry Ron Wilson told Project Truth officers that there was a paedophile ring in Cornwall around 1967,  but there isn’t one now.  According to testimony Wilson advised Joe Dupuis that there was a big investigation at the time, and that it involved Fathers Paul Lapierre and Don Scott, and that there was no doubt there was a ring running out of the Cornwall Classical College and it was under surveillance, and that Killer Gagnon who used to hang around with Lapierre was the only one charged and he was sent out of town for a time.  Wilson provided the names of the two officers involved in the investigation.  There was no follow by Project Truth.




Glaude rules former cop won’t testify

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25 July 2008

A former cop and member of the city’s police board will not be taking the stand at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

Commissioner Normand Glaude ruled Thursday that Ron Wilson is not healthy enough to testify at the inquiry, which is probing how institutions responded to allegations of historical sexual abuse.

Wilson’s lawyer had argued earlier this month for his client’s exclusion. Yesterday, Glaude said the medical evidence outlining Wilson’s “debilitating illnesses” made it clear he could not testify.

“It is difficult for me to envision how, under these circumstances, we could ever accommodate him as a witness,” said Glaude.

Previous witnesses have told the inquiry that in addition to his police work, Wilson also had personal ties to at least two suspected abusers.

In the past, commission counsel has introduced overviews of documentary evidence (ODEs) after witnesses have been ruled unfit to take the stand.

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So another rat follows the other rats figures doesn’t it!

Reply | Report | Page Top Post #1 By dodger,

If he’s that debilitated and ill don’t you think it would be wise for the Wilson family to take him off the staff list for Wilson Funeral Home???

Reply | Report | Page Top Post #2 By RealityChecker

And if they think he’s that ill, do they even consider how ill those young boys have been all their lives even to this very day with little or no help or hope!

Reply | Report | Page Top Post #3 By jacksback4good,

Not so long ago, on a bright and sunny day, I was using the pay phone at “The Square”-“Sears”, northwest entrance, facing the parking garage. Ron, briskly came in off the street, well-tanned, shorts, I think white shoes; you know the “Florida look”.

He looked better than I have ever seen him look. Someone passed him and casually said, “hi Ron, how’s it going?” Ron replied, “great”. Ron then noticed me. For various reasons, we know each other. He quickly looked the other way. It might be just my mistaken impression, but, over the years since in or about 1998, when we have encountered each other, Ron has just about fallen over himself trying to “evade” me…why is this……Ron?IF Ron has been so ill, brought on by rumour and innuendo, wouldn’t it be a “good thing” for him and his “friends”, if he were to testify at the inquiry, about how, this rumour and innuendo, has caused him such pain and suffering?Believe me, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind Ron’s testimony, if examined and cross-examined in good faith, under an amended mandate, could…..,no would, illuminate the city and beyond…no doubt.

Reply | Report | Page Top Post #4 By James “SPEAK OUT”