McDougald: Monsignor Donald McDougald

Donald McDougald Donald B. McDougald  Monsignor Donald McDougald is priest in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.  McDougald He was ordained in 1951 for the Diocese of Alexandria, now the Diocese of Alexandrtia-Cornwall, Ontario. Monsignor McDougald served as Vicar General Diocese.   Ron … Continue reading

Former bishop apologizes for statements at inquiry

Cornwall Standard Freeholder 02 August 2008 Posted By TREVOR PRITCHARD A contrite Eugene LaRocque backtracked Friday on testimony he’d given accusing his own priest of not handling David Silmser‘s abuse allegations properly. The 81-year-old former bishop told the Cornwall Public … Continue reading

Malcolm MacDonald ODE

The ODE [Note:  The ODE is an Overview of the Documentary Evidence on Malcolm MacDonald, “alleged” paedophile, active member of the Progressive Conservative party, Cornwall lawyer, former Crown attorney, Roman Catholic, member of the Knights of the Columbus, former Grand … Continue reading

Who’s on or off “The List”?

Who’s on or off “The List”?  [Part 2 of Ron Leroux’ muddled testimony and so-called “recantations”] Part 1: Cameron’s Point and the Ritual  Part 3:  Joss Van Diepen Incriminated “I was at several parties at Ken Seguin’s home, Malcolm MacDonald’s … Continue reading

Cameron’s Point

Cameron’s Point Ron Leroux’ muddled recantations and testimony about what and who he did or did not see at Cameron’s Point, Ontario on the evening he alleges he was sexually abused by “Father Eugene” (Bishop Eugene Larocque)  Cameron’s Point is … Continue reading

Larocque: Bishop Eugene Larocque

Eugene Larocque                          (Eugene Philippe Larocque) Eugene Larocque, formerly of the Roman Catholic Diocese of London, Ontario, served as Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall  from 1974 to … Continue reading